Why is it so hard to get summer clothes all year round?

Ok, so we all love getting a little winter sun these days.  Nothing better than slipping on that bikini and heading down to the pool to take an obnoxious photo on a monday morning with the hashtag #hardlife.  Making sure we have set the right time gmt to get the optimum jealousy results.  So with this common trend why is it so hard to find decent shops who will stock gorgeous items all year round.  I am not talking about there old dead stock, the stuff that was “so last summer:”  I am talking about the most current, the most flattering and the most unique stuff out there for us to getting our grubby little mits on. 


That was a big part of my ambitions for my shop Avenue L Boutique.  We sell great accessories all year round.  What we don’t have online we have inshore and I want to encourage our customers to send pics of what they are wearing and we can really help get them something unique and perfect for the outfit.  Is personal shopping something my customers are ready for, well are you?


As the winter is in full affect I am sitting in the shop looking at all the stuff that will be big next year and you girls (and some boys) are going to love it and we are going to stock it!!

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